About Everywhere

Everywhere Magazine celebrates the belief that travel is all around you. Designed for people looking for authentic world experiences, Everywhere magazine gives a voice to travelers worldwide who wish to tell their stories and share their favorite places.

Everywhere is a Magazine: Everywhere is a unique travel magazine from 8020 Media that puts the very best images, stories, and places submitted from a diverse online community into a beautiful printed magazine that is distributed internationally.

Everywhere is a Website: Anyone can join, create their favorite places on our map, upload photos and share their stories. You can submit your work to featured and recurring themes to be considered for publication in Everywhere Magazine.

Everywhere is a Community: Everywhere exists because of, and exclusively for, travelers like you. Without you, we’re nothing.

The Everywhere team...

Devin Hayes

Bri Hunziker
UX Design

Kit Richert
Community Manager

Lindsay Conerly
Media Sales

Darlene Bouchard
Editorial Intern

...and the most experienced staff of travel experts: you!