Story: Cub Scouts Journey to the Edge

Joshua Blankman

By Joshua Blankman
Written on 28 March 2008

An unexpected meeting of a cub scout troop leads to a fun adventure on the rocks.

Cub Scout On The Edge

Cub Scout On The Edge

Scout exploring the 190 foot outcrop, King and Queen Seat, in Rocks State Park in Maryland, USA. A group of people walked along the rocks and looked over the edge.

My friend Jon and I traveled to Rocks State Park in Maryland to have an adventure and film. We were making a video of us to apply for the TV show 'The Amazing Race.' We both thought that an amazing background would be at the top of a rock outcrop we frequented in Jarrettsville, Maryland. It is a part of Rocks State Park and there are great trails, a wonderful waterfall, and a 190-foot rock outcrop called The King and Queen Seat. We have gone several times in the past, and on rare occasion there were one or two other adventurers on the rocks and trails. This time there were several....

It was the middle of Autumn and all the leaves had changed to the beautiful yellow and red and every other fall color imaginable. We set up as soon as we arrived, but before we were able to start filming, a group of about thirty kids arrived at the peak. The same day we planned to film, a group of cub scouts had arranged to travel to the rock outcrop. Out of all the kids, only a few adults watched over them and, as expected, the kids ran amok. They walked out over the edge, looking off the 200-foot drop-off, put their hands inside every crevice (with snakes very happily living all over the rocks),and jumped over large cracks.

Jon and I made bets on who would fall off first. Fortunately, there was relatively little wind that day, and the children all remained safe. Unfortunately... I lost the bet :-) But I got some lovely pictures out of it.

Personally, I would have died if I were put in charge of a large group of kids walking around on a structure with a 200-foot drop-off point.

...we never received a call about the TV show, but we both agree that at least we had a fun adventure and we have photos and video to remind us of our journey.

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King and Queen Seat Over The Horizon Trees and Landscape Vertigo Peeking Over The Edge On The Edge Of The World

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