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  • Anne Beach

    Anne Beach

    In North Carolina, but wishes she were traveling.

    I am a retired teacher and find renewal in travel, but my budget usually wrecks my aspirations, so (Can you hear me sigh?), I'm searching for outside the box ways to get me out of my little box in Raleigh, NC. I like my little Raleigh box, but when I travel I feel my finger on the pulse of the world, I am moved by the commonality of human experience, my heart beats faster, my mind is enlivened, and my soul is fed. In 2006 I went to Rome, Italy; Ethiopia and Kenya, but my obsession was only exa

  • Audrey Kanekoa-Madrid

    Audrey Kanekoa-Madrid

    In Arizona!!

    I am a wife, a mommy, a nature lover, a photographer.

  • John Cook

    John Cook

    In Armenia

    I am an engineer who travels quite a bit. I hope you like my pictures

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