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  • Jessica Feis

    Jessica Feis

    In Colorado

    I am a dreamer, an aesthete. I am a photographer, an author, a dancer, a sleeper, a hiker, a knitter, a lover of animals and movies and food and books. I teach art to young children. My world is surrounded by art.

  • Julien


    In France

    23 years old French fries. I love snails, frogs and foie gras. I am aware that I'll have to live with my French accent for the rest of my life, which quite annoys me.

  • Keith Graff

    Keith Graff

    In Okinawa

    A retired U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer living as an expatriate in the "Goya Republic." I love this place for it's rich history, culture, and natural beauty. Presently, I do freelance writing and photography for local publications. A writer first and photographer second, my passion is the photo essay. I select the photographs I post on this and other sites to tell a story. Hence, even though I'm still a hack wannabe, you're better off reading my stories first and viewing the pictures second.

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