Photo: Reflections on Loch Leven Lakes

Place: Loch Leven Lakes, Truckee, California, United States

Stuart Green

By Stuart Green
Uploaded on 8 June 2008
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Reflections on Loch Leven Lakes

Scrambling up the Sierra Nevadas with our back to interstate 80 we were soon over the crest and into a different world, dotted with mirror-perfect lakes. Viewed from a hike on the Loch Leven Lakes Trail.

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  • 9 June 2008, Rebecca Ross said:

    Gorgeous photo. There's another Loch Leven in Scotland you know, I was drawn in thinking "No Way!" and of course for good reason. lol. Really well framed. I'd love to know more. What else can you see around there? Did you spy any animals on your hike?

  • 10 June 2008, Stuart Green said:

    You can find plenty of animals up in the Sierra Nevadas, from small critters to enormous bears. We're still yet to see our first bear, thankfully. Possibly for me the most interesting creatures around are the fish in the lake .. these are remote, isolated lakes at high elevations close to their source .. how did the fish ever get here?

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