Photo: The View from the Couch

Place: The Elrod House, Palm Springs, California, United States

Paul Cloutier

By Paul Cloutier
Uploaded on 28 February 2008
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The View from the Couch

Looking out over palm springs from the living room of the elrod house.


  • 25 March 2008, Audrey Kanekoa-Madrid said:

    What an incredible room!

  • 30 March 2008, Johanna Mifsud said:

    Perfect colours, lines and design. Very very trendy.

  • 9 April 2008, Lance Rothstein said:

    That's magnificent! Great composition.

  • 19 April 2008, Chris Piazza said:

    I so want to stay here...

  • 12 May 2008, Pete Malone said:

    It almost looks like the room where "The Dude" was drugged by Jackie Treehorn!

  • 13 May 2008, Paul Cloutier said:

    Close, It's by the same architect as the house in the big lebowski, John Lautner.

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