Place to eat: Builder's Arms, Kensington, United Kingdom

About this place:

The Builders' Arms is a quality, upmarket city pub in the heart of affluent Kensington. Surrounded by quiet mews, it is nevertheless busy on most evenings and at weekends, with a young, noisy crowd who spill out onto the pavement on warm summer days. There is table football for those of an athletic bent. The decor is stylish with plenty of big, comfortable seats to collapse on, and there are a few benches available outside in front of the pub. The food on offer is more sophisticated than you'll find in most pubs, with the menu including dishes like warm chorizo and new potato salad. There is a limited choice of desserts.

Postcards about Builder's Arms:

St. Albans Grove
Kensington, England, GB
Telephone: +44 20 7795 4811

Discovered by Matt Flick
on 29 January 2008.