Place to see: Castelnou, Castelnou, France

The Cat of Castelnou

The Cat of Castelnou

Apparently the only conscious inhabitant on that December afternoon, this cat was highly annoyed when the attention stopped.

About this place:

Castelnou is located a half hour's drive north of Perpignan in French Catalonia. Topped by a 10th century castle ruin, Castelnou is a tiny village of traditional stone homes softened by a profusion of flowers. The winding walkways to the castle gates pass a couple of restaurants, art shops, dozing dogs, and at least one very demanding, grizzled cat. Popular in summer with open markets and displays on the castle grounds, it is quiet and nearly abandonned in the middle of winter (except for those dogs and that cat).

Postcards about Castelnou:

Castelnou, RĂ©gion Languedoc-Roussillon, FR

Discovered by Karen Kindler
on 15 February 2008.