Place to see: San Antonio de Areco, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Gaucho, San Antonio de Areco, Argentina

Gaucho, San Antonio de Areco, Argentina

A gaucho sits on a log against a tree, eating meat from an asado (barbecue). San Antonio de Areco is located 110km from the city of Buenos Aires and is known for it's colonial buildings and Gauchos, the cowboys of Argentina.

About this place:

San Antonio de Areco is a small country town some 110km from Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. It's famous for it's gauchos (Argentine cowboys) and colonial buildings. I came here with my girlfriend to spend a quiet couple of days exploring it's historic cobbled streets and (hopefully) taking photos of gauchos. The gauchos didn't disappoint. Every Friday (weather permitting) there's a Fogón, a meeting where they can talk, eat, drink and play traditional games. It's laid on for tourists, but the gauchos are genuine, friendly and enjoy posing for photos. It's an easy way to take photos of this Argentine icon.

Postcards about San Antonio de Areco:

Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, AR
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Discovered by Andrew Gibson
on 11 March 2008.