Place to see: Brompton Cemetery, Kensington, United Kingdom

A path through Brompton

A path through Brompton

Walking down a path alone through Brompton Cemetery in London on a cold, cloudy winter day, I couldn't help but feel so grateful that I was one of the few things alive and well in this Victorian cemetery.

About this place:

Though cemeteries are not often thought of as an enjoyable place to explore, Brompton Cemetery in West London offers a tranquil place to wander amongst the dearly departed of the Victorian age. The squirrels run rampant, darting between your legs, trees and gravestones, but always looking for a handout. The mix of memorials ranges from lavish family mausoleums, ornate Celtic crosses to graves that have been reclaimed by the Earth via Ivy. A walk along the neatly laid out paths, reading epithets can end up being quite enlightening about one’s own life.

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Kensington, England, GB
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Discovered by colleenosullivan
on 27 March 2008.