Place to eat: Papa Haydn, Portland, Oregon, United States

Dessert Heaven

Dessert Heaven

I went for the New York Cheese cake with raspberry sauce on the side and had no regrets. I suspect, any choice on desserts at Papa Haydn's is going to be a good one.

About this place:

Looking for some high end delectable dessert? Look not further than Papa Haydn's for your bakery needs in Portland. The atmosphere is posh, neat and clean. Not your corner bakery by any means. If you're looking for something special for your sweet tooth and don't my splurging, go here and indulge yourself.

Postcards about Papa Haydn:

701 Northwest 23rd Ave.
Portland, Oregon, US
Telephone: 503.228.7317
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Discovered by colleenosullivan
on 4 May 2008.