Place to shop: Boutique du Troq, Zagora, Morocco

From Timbuktou?

From Timbuktou?

I wanted it. I didn't want it.

About this place:

A fading hand-painted sign indicates Zagora is 51 days from Timbuktou across the desert to the south ... by camel. The Boutique du Troq in Zagora is crammed full of some of the treasures transported north over the centuries: elaborately decorated wooden doors from West Africa, ivory, tools and weapons, jewels and trinkets, rugs and miscellany. Some of it is clearly valuable and old; other bits are junk. Buyers beware ...

Postcards about Boutique du Troq:

Zagora, Région de Souss-Massa-Drâa, MA

Discovered by Karen Kindler
on 7 May 2008.