Kingdom of Thailand

18 places in this region. (Showing 1-10)

  1. 1. Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua

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  2. 2. Koh Mhao Prau

  3. 3. Khao San Road

    Dubbed by Wikipedia as a "Backpacker's ghetto," Khaosan Road attracts both the washed and unwashed traveling masses with bargain price accommodations and its own disheveled brand of Khao-s.

  4. 4. Khao San Road

  5. 5. Chiang Dao, Thailand

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  6. 6. West Side Saloon

    Hat Yai is sometimes referred to as the sex captal of southern Thailand, but too few know it also has a great place for food and music called the West Side Saloon.

  7. 7. Death Railway

    The Burma Railway, also known as the Death Railway, the Thailand–Burma Railway and similar names, was a 415 kilometres (258 mi) railway between Bangkok, Thailand, and Rangoon, Burma (now Yangon, Myanmar), built by the Empire of Japan in 1943, to support its forces in the Burma campaign of World War II.

  8. 8. Doi Suthep

  9. 9. Moon river

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  10. 10. Klong Suan