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  1. Weekend in Bangkok

    Rest and Relaxation in Bangkok

  2. Light up the Night: Celebrating Loi Krathong in Northern Thailand

    In this beautiful festival, the people of Thailand create their own starry sky.

  3. Rock Solid

    Cast off your agoraphobia and join the crowds for an afternoon of slack-jawed, audio tour delight at America's most infamous prison - Alcatraz Island.

  4. Elephants on Parade

    300 elephants a mile from buffet tables loaded with their favorite foods: Some call it a parade, I experienced something far more exhilarating.

  5. Malaysia & Thailand

    In 2003, not long after being laid off from my corporate travel job of 15 years, I took my son on what was most likely to be our last major overseas travel adventure - Malaysia and Thailand.

  6. Bus-celona

    A mini sightseeing trip to the spacious, lighthearted and magical city of Barcelona on the Mediterranean.

  7. How to be Glamorous on Halong Bay

    Wine and Dine Cruise is one of outstanding event of Emeraude Classic Cruise. This year, the annual feast in the grotto was a three-hour affair, conducted by the Press Club’s executive chef, Marcel Isaak.

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