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  1. A street in Amsterdam

    Wonderful buildings on the streets of Amsterdam

  2. Untitled

  3. Peep Show!

    Amsterdam at its finest

  4. Planning a Winter Trip to Amsterdam

    Traveling to Amsterdam is always an exciting thing to do. Many people think of taking their vacation to a destination that is warm.

  5. Night-time on the canals

    At night Amsterdam's canals fill with young people on party boats, drinking and laughing as they navigate the narrow waterways. Do they have a designated driver, I wonder.

  6. BOLS Bartending Academy

    10 euro gets you a self-guided tour through the BOLS hall of senses. You test sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound as you get the full genever experience.

  7. river view

    amsterdam... the city tour on boat in amsterdam is a joyful experience

  8. Amsterdam: Dutch Decadence

    If your first thoughts of Amsterdam involve sex, drugs, bicycles, or tulips: think again.

  9. Tuna Melt

    My friend and I had lunch at de huyschkaemer, which is a restaurant just around the corner from her apartment in Amsterdam.

  10. Jordaan