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  1. Coral atop lava

    Rock balancing at Ho'okipa

  2. Mural

  3. Once upon a time there was a hotel

    La Résidence Hué: a journey for the senses to the heart of Vietnam

  4. Mural in Raleigh, NC

    A reminder of slower days in the midst of downtown traffic. At the intersection of Peace and Glenwood Streets.

  5. Heidelberg Project

    Stuffed Animal House is one of the most recognized installations of the Heidelberg project, located in downtown Detroit. Occupying several city blocks, this art installation has draw attention from city officials, first amendment activists, artists, community members, and curious passersby.

  6. Heidelberg Project

    Located in a neighborhood along Heidelberg Street in Detroit's east side, the project originated in the 1980s as an effort to draw attention to an area affected by the riots in 67. Today, the project spans several city blocks.

  7. "A Tour of Stately Opulence" by Philip Spencer Drury

    Philip Spencer Drury, who visited La Residence in June, voiced his sentiments about this gem of Hue.

  8. Boulder High School

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  9. At Claude Monet museum, Giverny, France

    The house Claude Monet lived and worked is a place art lovers often choose as an art tourism destination. And certainly want to buy something to remember the trip.

  10. Picasso, untitled

    Art tourists come to Chicago to visit the city's best-known museum, the renowned Art Institute. But the architecture tourists have their own gallery.