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  1. Ben King Poet

    Ben King (1857-1894) was a native of St. Joe.
    A monument erected in Lake Bluff Park, St.

  2. The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

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  3. The emperor poet: Tu Duc

    I break the old mirror to find your shadow
    I fold your fading clothes to keep your warmth

    The above verse perfectly encapsulates the personality of Tu Duc – one of Vietnam’s most famous emperor’s – who was considered, unsurprisingly, as a melancholy romantic.

  4. Palace of King's Flower H'Mong

    Hoang A Tuong Palace located in the center of Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province. Dinh Hoang A Tuong architectural style Asia - Europe combined, create harmony, texture rectangle continuous closed.

  5. Ben Franklin

    Middlebury, Vermont, USA

    Ben Franklin has been on Main Street in Middlebury as long as I have lived there. Other shops have come and gone, but Ben remains, largely unchanged by the years, Main Street as Edward Hopper might have seen it.

  6. The Delta King.

  7. two faces of Ben

    I lived in London for four years and had the awesome ability to see a distant Big Ben from my living room window. This is one of my favorite shots taken from a much closer spot.

  8. Ben Thanh Market, Ho Chi Minh City

    A square city block in size, Ben Thanh Market has everything from shoes to shirts to swine. And lots of very persistent women merchants.

  9. Westminster Bridge.

  10. Mambo Bafut- chief Wankie (1)

    An annual dance is performed in Mambo-Bafut. I am invited as guests of honour by chief Wankie.

    Around five o'clock in the afternoon chief Wanki takes a seat on his thrown.