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  1. Horse Racing at Historic Saratoga

    Feel electricity in the air. Witness spectacular races in a historical setting.

  2. Baalbeck

    Carving from the 3 millennium at the site of Baalbeck.

  3. The East Race

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  4. Beirut and Southern Lebanon

    From Baalbeck, to Tyre, to a day in the life of a refugee camp and hanging with Hezbollah.

  5. Ten Minute Mile - Mile 2

    This is twenty minutes and seventeen seconds into the Spring Lake Five at the two mile marker. Runners have a chance to catch water at every mile...

  6. The Final Push

    The coach stands and cheers his team in the face of a photo finish!

  7. 'We Rule'

    From the imagination of Dr. Seuss, "Things" make their way through the annual "Bay to Breakers" 12 kilometer race in San Francisco.

  8. Childhood Curiosity in the Church of the Nativity

    According to Christian tradition, it was in the grotto underneath this Bethlehem church that Jesus was born. Since the outbreak of the second intifada in 2000, few tourists have ventured to this Palestinian town to visit the church.

  9. I love those signs!

    On my way overland from Jordan to Syria, my driver stopped me at this shop to change money. It always makes me smile to look at the wording on that sign.

  10. Sweets from the Middle East

    The Middle East is not all about conflict and problems. There is much beauty and culture to be discovered there.