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  1. Cruise through life - Halong Bay cruise trip

    Three days and two nights floating on Halong Bay can bring you the unforgettable moment in your life. Duc Hanh explores.

  2. Santa Maria cabin

    The cabin was larger than we expected, with a comfortable bed, ensuite bath, and wood paneling.

  3. Santa Maria Cruiser

    The Santa Maria is an excellent choice for cruising among the karst peaks of Halong Bay.

  4. Halong Bay, Vietnam

    This is rush hour at the caves. All of the boats pull out and find their own special spot on the bay for the night.

  5. Halong Bay, Vietnam

    The Vietnamese flag and Halong Bay.

  6. Halong Bay, Vietnam

    Chinese junks touring Halong Bay.

  7. ghostly ships along halong bay

    the squall makes the parade of junk boats along halong bay a ghostly scene as the boats emerge one by one from the mists.

  8. Santa Maria Cruiser

    Amish and Old Order Mennonite country off the beaten path.منتديات 2012

    خلفيات بلاك بيري جديدة | بلاك بيري خلفيات روعه

    تحميل ثيمـات بلاك بيري كيرف 8900 , مجموعة ثيمات بلاك بيري كيرف 8900, ثيمات بلاك بيري
    مسجات حب
    ثيمات بلاك بيري كيرف للبنات
    مسجات حب
    مسجات حب
    مسجات حب
    منتدياتThe Santa Maria Cruiser is a comfortable way to cruise among the limestone-karst peaks of Halong Bay.

  9. Why Book Halong Bay Tours With Us?

    With a philosophy: Travel is not just about visiting & ticking off the sights on your travel map, but travel is about experiencing.

  10. Bestselling of Luxury Halong Bay Tours

    To satisfy tourists' interest in luxury travel style at private atmosphere. Visit Vietnam, join top luxury Halong bay tours, remember all your life.