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  1. London's Green Spaces

    London's parks are quintessentially British and provide tourists with a quiet reprieve from the energy and noise of this world-class city.

  2. Autumn warmth, Warsaw, Poland

    Just off the busy roads of central Warsaw is Saxon Garden, a large park where the hustle and bustle of the city is lost in the trees and fountain. It is a fantastic place to enjoy the warmth of the October sun.

  3. Periyar Tiger Reserve

  4. Lincoln Park

    Lincoln Park is a 1,200 acre park stretching along Lake Michigan in Chicago, Illinois. It is the largest public park in Chicago.

  5. Shadow latticework

    Central Park, New York City

  6. Looking down

    From a higher vantage point, looking down on the peaks and curves of the Badlands.

  7. inspiration

    Zion's beauty is extraordinary and easily becomes a muse for many an artist.

  8. end of season

    We had ventured to Zion just two weeks prior to taking this shot. That day the park was teaming with people and picnic tables were at a premium.

  9. Na Pali Cliffs at sunset

    The cliffs of the Na Pali coast warmed in color in the fading sunset as seen from Polihale State Park in Kauai. The beach was completely empty and only a few campers lingered along the bluffs above the beach.

  10. Spitting Art

    Don't be insulted. The massive animated portraits in Chicago's Millennium Park spit at you because they like you.