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  1. Mk Nature Center

    A 4.6 acre site offering a one of a kind fish and wildlife experience.

  2. Backyard Wonders

    Sometimes, we don't have to look far to find a special shot. All photographs in this collection are from my backyard...

  3. Trazzler Contest Update: Cote for my Entry on Guatemala and Help increase my chances to give $5000 to 5 Non-Profits

    I am asking you to please "wishlist" my trip called "Lounging in the Turquoise Pools of Semuc Champey, Guatemala." If I win the grand prize I will donate a total of $5000--$1000 each to 5 non-profit organizations.

  4. The Forgotten Water Bottle

    The Forgotten Water Bottle is symbolic of Earth's future state of environmental existence. Used, abandoned, and filthy.

  5. Yosemite's Valley View

    One of the most popular viewpoints in the park, Valley View is particularly spectacular about an hour before sunset. Then as you start to lose light on the rock face of El Capitan, you can move up to Tunnel View to catch sunset.
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  6. In the Footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia

    National Parks conjure thoughts of forests, mountains, rivers and lakes. Wadi Rum nature reserve, in the South of Jordan, offers something a little different.

  7. mammoth

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  8. Impressionistic Photography - focus on Israel’s Nature by Dubi Roman.

    This article was published along with a 6 pages review of my Artworks at the “Popular Photography of China” magazine – with approximately 500,000 copies.

  9. Rejuvinating the Outdoors Way

    Bernheim Forest is a fascinating outdoor getaway about a half hour's drive from my home. Nothing rejuvinates me like time spent in the outdoors and there is no other place I would rather be than Bernheim.

  10. A day with the Hutterites

    Hutterites live the simple and good life off the land and with the land. I visited a Hutterite Colony in Canada, south of Calgary.