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  1. Prague, Czech Republic

    Chandelier shop in Old Town Square

  2. St Marks and the Campanile

    A view of St Marks Square, the Doge's Palace and the Campanile from across the water at San Giorgio Maggiore.

  3. Travel Decisions

    Taken in downtown Portland, Oregon in Pioneer Courthouse Square. Its always nice to know how far away you are from various travel locations.

  4. Mormon on a Pilgrimage

    This gentleman had traveled from Atlanta to one of the most famous Mormon sites in the world, compelled by commitment to his faith. During the half hour tour he followed the guide in a sincere quest to better understand his beliefs.

  5. 'WTF are you looking at?'

    Spotted in Time Square, New York, Spider Man is charging $10 a shot to get your photo taken with him using his Polaroid camera, or $2 if you use your own.

  6. Signoria Square

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  7. Red Texas Star

    There is beauty all around as you stroll through the Zilker Botanical Gardens in Austin, Texas. These were blooming in early November!

    Standing cypress, Standing-cypress, Texas plume, Ipomopsis rubra

  8. Red

    Salt lakes of Chott El Jerid, Southern Tunisia.

  9. Fire!

    A soldier in period costume fires a replica musket. The smell of gunpower and the original setting helps the immagination go back to the times of pirates and invaders.

  10. Woman in Shawl

    This older woman on Saint Catherine Street is well accessorized.