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  1. Spilt Milk

    Milk spills out of the milk pots that are being carried as offerings.

  2. La Fiesta De Casabindo, Argentina: Man Versus Bull

    Bullfighting at more than 3500 metres above sea level in the Andes.

  3. Berliner Dom

  4. Whirling Darvishes of Galata Mevlevihanesi

  5. Feeling Green?

    Thaipusam Festival - fruit hangs from people's backs pierced into the flesh.

  6. Weak in the Knees

    A woman is overtaken with emotion/spirituality during Thaipusam and faints. The elder women care for her.

  7. Deep in Thought

    A Hindu man showing his dedication to Murukan with a large piercing through his mouth.

  8. Tension

    Pulling a heavy chariot to the temple as an offering. A painful looking process.

  9. Sweet Dreams

    Young girl takes a nap during the colorful festivities

  10. Kavati

    A man carrying the burden of a kavati for his family.