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  1. The Location of Arthur's Seat

    I paid a visit to Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh Scotland and knew exactly where I was standing in the world. It was a windy day, but picture perfect skies for everyone to enjoy.

  2. Stirling

    Looking out over the city of Stirling, Scotland from the Willliam Wallace Monument.

  3. The Edinburgh Festival: A True Scottish Experience

    Try these recommendations to ensure you make the most of your Edinburgh visit, especially during the festival season.

  4. The Old Course at St. Andrews

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  5. A Very Scottish Sight

    I personally haven't witnessed such sights elsewhere around the world. In remote Scottish Highlands and Islands you often run across phone booths, stations, hostels and post boxes with no obvious link to humanity but a road or a well trodden path.

  6. A Wild and Windy Beach

    This is the Outer Hebrides through and through. Yes, it's windswept, cold, often grey, but the white sandy beaches, wild and remote landscapes and amazing feeling of community makes it one spot in the world I shall return to again and again.

  7. Ruined Scottish Croft

    This is a sight that can be seen all over the landscape of the Scottish Outer Hebrides. Crofts left to ruin, often with belongings still left inside.

  8. The road less travelled

    People never expect these pristene white sandy beaches in the Western Isles of Scotland; which is why they are often deserted. This is a perfect opportunity to let yourself be enveloped by nature and feel like your the only person in the world.

  9. My Favourite Hostel

    The Gatliff Hostel on Berneray, nr North Uist in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland consists of 2 restored crofts right on the beach front. There is an honesty system in place, with no one there running the place, you just wander into the kitchen and say hello to your fellow guests.

  10. Freedom

    There is no feeling like that feeling you get when you are alone, walking in the wilds, absorbing nature. Imagine the scent of pollen, the rasping sound of the rare corncrake nesting in the wildflowers, the scuff of your boots in the brilliant white sand.

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