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  1. Ruby Beach

    Ruby Beach is one of the most spectacular beaches on the West Coast of North America. Keep in mind one thing...

  2. Robert K. Rees Memorial Park

    This relatively small, yet charming, park is known to everyone as Green Key Beach. The county renamed it a few years ago.

  3. San Felipe Sunrise

    A perfect sunrise in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico

  4. Cliff House looking out to Seal Rock

    San Francisco's historic Cliff House affords diners spectacular views of sunsets over the Pacific and Seal Rock

  5. Sushi in Salt Lake City

    A view of the Crane Building and A sushi restaurant at sundown in Salt Lake City.

  6. Sunset at the Beach

    In the distance a couple walk along the quiet beach.

  7. Along the Shore

    A view of the Golden Gate Bridge from Baker Beach.

  8. Breaking Waves

    The dangerous tides crash strong waves onto the shore at Baker Beach.

  9. Bikes at Baker Beach

    These cyclists were making their way to the shore to enjoy the waves at the sun was setting.

  10. point lookout sunset

    a sunset shot taken at point lookout, ny.