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  1. Sunday Park

    Sunday Park is a nice, quiet little spot in Midlothian, Virginia, perfect for family outings or just taking time alone. This park offers boating, fishing, playgrounds and nature trails.

  2. Great Highway

    Highway 35, the great highway is the road featured at the end of the book Hell's Angels by Hunter S. Thompson.

  3. point lookout sunset

    a sunset shot taken at point lookout, ny.

  4. Regatta rowers practising

    Almost like a scene from a postcard of the past, these two rowers are seen here at sunset in the Grand Harbour of Malta. Although the Regatta is held annually on 8 September.

  5. Valletta by night

    The city of Valletta is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Malta has over 25 kms of walled cities which come to life with a golden glow at night.

  6. I Have Experienced The Oneness...

    Shall I go?
    Shall I stay?
    107 light years away, many times, so many doubts...
    But no reason to talk about...

    Mission is over, mission is done,
    I'll miss you children of the sun
    But it's time to go away, Goodbye, Goodbye Milky way!
    For a better world without hate, from your heart believe in fate
    Only visions and the mind will guide you to the light.

    Model: _Nomad_
    Place: The White Desert - Farafra - Egypt
    Lyrics: Enigma

  7. Day's End

    At age 35, I've moved beyond the days when travel, in and of itself, was a good enough reason to spend months abroad. There are other responsibilities I feel now, responsibilities which prod me to seek more concrete ways to contribute to our world.

  8. The boats docked at Chandler's Landing outside Rockwall, Tex

    Chandler's Landing is beautiful place to visit at sunset. The way the docks are lite up and the glowing of the sunset makes it really beautiful.

  9. View of the fishing pier at Chandler's Landing in Rockwall,

    A view of the setting sun over the fishing pier at Chandler's Landing on Lake Ray Hubbard.

  10. Setting sun over Lake Ray Hubbard at Chandler's Landing in R

    The golden glow of the last hint of sunshine on the horizon over Lake Ray Hubbard.