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  1. Seven BridgesTrail

    One of the seven bridges along the Seven Bridges Trail in North Cheyenne Canyon, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

  2. Seven Bridges Trail Looking Up

    After walking along Seven Bridges Trail in North Cheyenne Canyon in Colorado Springs for a while, the trail becomes very steep. It is precariously located on the side of a mountain.

  3. Keep Manitou Weird

    An insider's look at Manitou Springs, Colorado, a quirky, small, mountain town located at the foot of Pikes Peak.

  4. Bench Along the Trails

    Parc du Mont-Royal has a large extension of shady and lush trails for walking and biking.

  5. Palmer Park

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  6. Palmer Park

    Palmer Park is a city park located in the center of Colorado Springs. It is surprisingly large with dozens of trails used for hiking, biking and horseback riding.

  7. Lewis Creek

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  8. North Cheyenne Canyon

    North Cheyenne Canyon is a jewel in the city parks system of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Located a mere 15 minutes from downtown Colorado Springs, driving up into this canyon takes you worlds away from the city into a 1,000 foot deep granite canyon and on into the rugged mountains themselves.

  9. Waihee Ridge Trail

    Waihee Ridge Trail
    Maui, 4½ mile out & back trail, medium difficulty.
    Elevation gain: 1,560ft (from 1,000 – 2,560ft)

    Ascend the Waihee ridgeline trail up Maui's western peak of Pu'u Kukui and you'll be hiking above the sightseeing helicopter tours and admiring the lush rainforest valleys and coastlines beyond.

    Hiking on the windward side of any Hawaiian island means wet weather, muddy conditions and the threat of heavy rains. This trail is subject to all these factors, but the wet weather means waterfalls are plentiful, the vegetation is greener and the cooler conditions make for a nice comfortable hike.

    More information on this hike at Trailspotting.com.

  10. Nounou Mountain

    Sleeping Giants
    Kauai, 4 mile out & back trail, medium difficulty.
    Elevation gain: 1,100ft (from 200 - 1,300ft)

    Nounou Mountain rises from the leeward (Eastern) lands of Kauai. Local legend tells of a giant who feasted so much at a party in his honor that he laid down for a nap and never awoke, and since the hike up East Nounou Mountain trail takes you straight over his head and up his nose, you might want to cross you fingers that he doesn't wake up while you're around.

    This is a nice little hike if you're in the area, and a great way of sampling some of Kauai's exotic plantlife and bird population.