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  1. Ranthambhor Fort

    A seasonal stream flowing through the ruins of the Fort...

  2. Tina Rain at Wynn Las Vegas

    This image was taken by 7o2 in front of the waterfall at the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas

  3. Montmorency Falls

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  4. Shoshone Falls

    Shoshone Falls, a powerful waterfall of the Snake River, is known as "the Niagara of the West" because of its size and power. It is 212 feet tall and flows 900 feet wide.

  5. La Paz Butterfly Observatory

    A rainy dat at the Butterfly Observatory at La Paz Waterfall Garden in Costa Rica.

  6. McWay Creek Falls

    Coastal waterfalls don't come much more picturesque than this one, located in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. Check out the redwood hiking trails across the road.

  7. Multnomah Falls

    Multnomah Falls is the largest of the several waterfalls that are collected throughout the Columbia River Gorge. It is also the most visited, for good reason.

  8. Shoshone Falls

    Summertime at Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls, Idaho. They are falls of the Snake River and are known as the Niagara of the west.

  9. Montmorency Falls

    The Montmorency Falls are the highest waterfalls in Canada. To get to the top, one can take the gondola, or climb the 467 stairs straight up the side of the hill.

  10. Up the 467 Stairs

    The 467 stairs to the top of Monmorency Falls are built precariously up the side of a steep slope and it can be a little frightening to look down, but it's well worth the climb.