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  1. Golden Junks

    The low setting sun cast a warm glow making the sailing junks at Ha Long Bay looks golden as it catches its light. Viewed from the peak of Tito P karst island.

  2. Ha Long Greens

    The karst formations at Ha Long Bay has lush vegatations. Coupled with the emerald green waters of the bay, the sight is a soothing scenery for the weary eyed.

  3. Entering the karst wonders

    The bluish cast of light renders the gradations of the numerous karst as a number of junks traverse this enigmatic bay.

  4. It stood, I stand

    A lone fisherman stands face to face with a lone karst at Ha Long Bay. The numerous karsts in the bay is a beautiful sight but mutilated by the sight of cranes and construction ships which may signal some development at this popular bay.

  5. Ha Long Junk View

    Stepped down on the lower deck of our Junk Ship and saw the vanishing perspective from where I stood.

  6. Currency Exchange

    Floating Convience Store in Ha Long Bay Vietnam

  7. Blur

    A little bit of matter that caught my eye at PS1 in Queens.

  8. long beach in los-angeles

  9. the famous ship at long beach, los-angeles

  10. Crowd

    Locals crowd around to watch a horse race in Bac Ha, northern Viet Nam.