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  • Amelia Quicke

    Amelia Quicke

    In back in Richmond and Vacation was Awesome

    I am what I am and that's all that I am. I am addicted to photography, it is my own fault!

  • Andrew Gibson

    Andrew Gibson

    In the UK

    I am a photographer, writer and traveller. I’m driven by a desire to travel to new places, taking photos of them and the people that live there. You’re seeing some of the results here. Vist my website, Magical Places Fine Art Photography, to see my latest published articles and find out about licensing my stock photos or purchasing a Fine Art Print.

  • Garret Clarke

    Garret Clarke

    In Taiwan

    I am a traveler. I have been on the go since I was a young child. I have spent much of my life in one place or another. I lived in the same house from birth till 18, my parents still live there, it almost burnt down. I have set foot on many countries, but not many at one time. I read "on the road" when I was a junior in college, and have forever since been bit by that mischievous little bug that poisons you, so that you are never satisfied with where you are at, and always miss where...

  • Lucas Hutmacher

    Lucas Hutmacher

    In Kansas City, MO

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