72 places in this region. (Showing 1-10)

  1. 1. Charlotte Guest House

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  2. 2. piccadilly circus

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  3. 3. telegraph hill

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  4. 4. Neal's Yard

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  5. 5. Covent Garden

  6. 6. Traffic Light Tree

  7. 7. Walthamstow Stadium

    Walthamstow Stadium is THE classic greyhound race track.

  8. 8. The Hummingbird Bakery

    Walking down the overcrowded Portobello Road can leave one famished - and this little cupcake place (which is also overcrowded with lines out the door) is a place to recover with their oh so scrumptious treats.

  9. 9. tower of london souvenirs shop

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  10. 10. Underground Walkways

    London is always moving.