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  1. Wednesday Night Boat Racing at the Santa Cruz Harbor

    Every Wednesday night during daylight savings time, you'll find upwards of 200 sailboats heading out onto Monterey bay for the Wednesday Night Beer Can Races. There no winner, just lots of fun, fast boats, and smiles all around.

  2. Sponge Docks boats

    A trio of fishing boats anchored along the Tarpon Springs sponge docks on a cloudy day. They've already come back from their morning activities.

  3. Tuna Warf

  4. Walk on by

    This kid is unmindful of a leaving boat as he walks by at the port.

  5. San Diego Harbor

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  6. Chicago Bridges

    Over the Chicago River are a number of bridges. Some of the busiest bridges in the world, the time to view them is at the beginning of the boating season when all of the little sailboats are taken from drydocks storage, out onto Lake Michigan.

    According to the Bridges Department of the City of Chicago, a "boat run" starts around 9:30 on Wednesday's and Saturday's during the spring and fall boating season.

  7. Wooten Park

  8. a "laker" passes through the Welland Canal

    The laker Voyageur Independent makes her way through Lock 7 of the Welland Canal -- with its distinctive art deco architecture -- at Thorold, Ontario, below the Lock 7 Viewing Complex and information centre.

  9. the Maid of the Mist

    The tourist boat the Maid of the Mist approaches the Horseshoe Falls. The Maid of the Mist began as a ferry service across the Niagara River at the Falls in 1846.

  10. Fishing Fleet at Dusk

    When visiting Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, hopefully the weather will cooperate and grant you a spectacular sunset, such as this one. Pictured here are the fishing boats docked at the Co-Op Docks, across the channel from the Shrimp Box Restaurant on Inlet Drive.