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  1. Wine Country, Temecula, CA

  2. The Island of Gar

    'Tis not the directness of ones search, but the winding paths taken in its pursuit, does give the heart melody of song.' - Sam Stovepipe, Sage of Gar Island.

    Like the wisdom of the aged sage, Stovepipe, the chimes of the ages ring long in the minds of those who venture to the Island of Gar. For of such are the makings of another Brigadoon, the Island of Gar, may only exist in the nascent minds' eye.

  3. The Ambassador

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  4. Amarillo Muffler Man

    This Amarillo Muffler Man can be seen passing by on I-40. He stands in front of Country Barn BBQ and Steaks.

  5. Tuscany

    A quite country near Scansano, in Tuscany - Italy

  6. Fisher Tower

    The drive along Highway 128 on the way to Moab, Utah is a pleasant drive that meanders along the Colorado River. Suddenly, the road curves and this majestic view takes your breath away.

  7. The Road to Charm

    Sign and silos, on the road to Charm, Ohio.

  8. Not Moonshine, but Maple Syrup

    That's right, Wellington (Canada) resident Joleen holds onto a gallon of "Justin's Maple Syrup"

  9. Horse in the sunset

    Horse in the sunset, Kananaskis Country, Alberta

  10. Flag Factory

    The Vietnamese flag