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  • Alexis Harmon

    Alexis Harmon

    In Portland, Oregon

  • Frans & Claire van der Lee

    Frans & Claire van der Lee

    In San Diego, CA

    We just got back from a year long journey around Asia. Frans is the photographer and Claire is the trip planner. We went to 12 countries: Thailand, Bali (Indonesia), Penang (Malaysia), Laos, Vietnam, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Singapore, Korea, Mongolia, and Japan!

  • jane linders

    jane linders

    In st. louis

    I am a freelance photographer who lives in St. Louis, MO, USA. I specialize in alternative process photography, such as polaroid transfers, emulsion lifts, black and white infrared and cyanotypes. My favorite places to photograph is cemeterys.

  • Kimberly Whitaker

    Kimberly Whitaker

    In Salt Lake City

    I am addicted to travel. In 2001, I made a goal to see all 50 United States in 5 years; I completed this goal in 2006 with Hawai'i. Now I am going back to see places that I didn't see on my first time around, as well as trying to see new places. I have been to the USA, Canada, Mexico, and a few places in the Caribbean.

  • Matt Flick

    Matt Flick

    In Dallas, Texas

    I am a traveler from Texas who works in graphic design to help pay for trips to various spots around the world. I love taking really cool photos where ever I go and sometimes people like to buy them. My next big trip will be to Cotonou, Benin, Africa.

  • Sloan Schang

    Sloan Schang

    In Mourning for Everywhere Magazine

    I am a freelance writer, photographer and frequent traveler obsessed with finding authenticity in even the most inauthentic moments. I live (mostly) in Portland, Oregon.

  • Tera Anderson

    Tera Anderson

    In bend, or

    I am one who will always believe that true knowledge is learned through experience. With this in mind, I am out to experience the world through words, pictures, and most especially from a first hand. When I am not traveling, I am yearning to. When I am yearning to travel I work in a physical therapy office to attempt to support this addiction. Travel is the greatest teacher and I its most devoted pupil. See you somewhere, someday.

  • Todd Lappin

    Todd Lappin

    In San Francisco, thankfully.

    I am ostensibly the Fleet Management Officer for Telstar Logistics, a leading provider of integrated services to clients worldwide. In reality, I'm the editor of Everywhere Magazine. Shhhhhhhh.

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