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  • 7 Passenger Vehicles SUV

    7 Passenger Vehicles SUV

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    I remember my student practice in pediatric intensive care. Three year old with an attack of asthma. Wheezing, bluish lips and horror in his little eyes. When Docked attack, I was sent to break the news to parents. I found them at the entrance to the hospital. Respectable, apparently well-off, Mom and Dad smoked nervously, waiting for news. I calmed them, saying that with the baby all right. "That was close!" - Breathed mom and reached into her purse for another cigarette, not even knowing what.

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    Kelly West

    . . . Pint-sized Wanderlust is about our travelling lives, both past and present. We both have an insatiable wanderlust and have been traveling for almost six years on and off. Our first trip together was a group tour of Europe in 2007 and since then, we have traveled almost every year for 3 months or more, stopping to work at home in Australia, England and Canada to save for our trips. Our lust for travel has taken us to parts of Asia, Europe, Africa, South Americ

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