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  • Aaron Schultz

    Aaron Schultz

    In Missoula

    Iambic thoughts become jumbled when spoken so I use a pen and a camera to help make translations between the intricate internal world and the complicated external world.

  • Alana Jackson

    Alana Jackson

    In oakland.

    i currently live in a big warehouse in Oakland, California, but i've lived in a number of places in Northern California, so i know all the good backroads. i am a fan of anyplace that is lacking in people, so don't expect any reviews of tokyo anyti...

  • Alexis Gerard

    Alexis Gerard

    In San Mateo, CA

  • Amit Gupta

    Amit Gupta

    In Cyberspace

    I am just a guy next door with a passion for technology & I satisfy my geek-hunger by experimenting around with web-applications & writing them for a living. :) And I also click photos!! ;)

  • Andrew Kim

    Andrew Kim

    In Korea

    I am currently serving in the US Army in Korea, with plans to pursue professional photography after my service. In the meantime, I try to take advantage of my travels and take on personal projects when I find time.

  • Anthony Mingo

    Anthony Mingo

    In Chicago

    I am an art director, graphic designer, photographer, retoucher, production artist, business owner, husband, dog owner, motorcyle enthusiast, beer lover, music fan, history buff, dreamer, thinker, problem solver, sometimes anti-social, and tall. Nice to meet you.

  • Becky Timbers

    Becky Timbers

    In Alaska

    I am a photographer, writer, traveler, outdoorist, yogi, cook, liberal vegan... I hate trying to explain who I am in under 100 words, but those are some of my greatest passions. I love to travel and my dream job is to be a photographer for National Geographic, but right now I'm settling for shooting and writing about the amazing places of Hawaii while soaking up the sun and sand. You can also find me at

  • Brian Jones

    Brian Jones

    In san francisco

    I am an ex-nomad with a half Thai/half South African tooth, and a zig-zaggedy scar from Istanbul. I’ve been shot at by Chinese police siding with the Tibetans, made an emergency landing in Latvia and just missed getting run over by a crazy Russian. When not getting into trouble about the globe, I sell advertising.

  • Caitlin Stewart

    Caitlin Stewart

    In New Jersey

    I am not boring and I love Jersey.

  • Caitlin Stiefel

    Caitlin Stiefel

    In greece

    I am an East Coast born photography/film/missions student. god follower. world lover. full of joy.