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  1. Fall Morning on Taylor Creek

    The mist rises off Taylor Creek in the early morning. This creek leads to Lake Tahoe and is the spawing creek for Kokanee Salmon.

  2. On the Trail in New York State's Steuben County

    Exploring the museum, wine, and chocolate trail in Steuben County.

  3. Elkhar County Courthouse

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  4. Sierra Vista Winery

    This is a view of the Sierra Nevada Mountains from the winery tasting room.

  5. Escape to Mendocino

    Mendocino or Spendocino, a fancy retreat for San Franciscans

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  7. Hiking Trails

    There are many easy hiking trails around Jenkinson Lake in the Sly Park Recreational area.

  8. Narrow Gate Vineyard Tasting Room

    Nestled amongst towering pine trees in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and in the heart of El Dorado County, this winery is worth the stop for the wines, the hospitality and the lovely vineyard views from the cozy courtyard.

  9. Saltsman's

    Saltsman's Restaurant occupies the historic Saltsman's Hotel (circa 1903) in Ephrata, New York of Fulton County. Located in the Adirondacks, this hotel was once a destination for then-Governor Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

  10. A delicious Chinatown in Las Vegas

    Take off the beaten path to an exploration of something authentic and delicious.